Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Happiest Place on EARtH.. no, really, it is!!!

I Love Disneyland! Yeah, that's right, me! I think I get more excited than Haillie as we are walking in the gates. It's ridiculous how much fun it is to wear yourself TOTALLY out, then wake up the next day and do it all over again. I think the reason I love it more now than I did when I was little is being able to see 'the magic' through the eyes of my children. Haillie still gets starry-eyed when she sees a princess, and Taryn about flipped a lid when she saw Winnie the Pooh in real life. And it's not just me, Trent races through the streets of Disneyland, with Haillie flying behind, trying to be first in line at the Fantasyland Rides. It really is true that the most responsible adult walks through Cinderella's castle and comes out the other side a big kid. It is the one place where Haillie and I are on the same level... in awe that Arial is right there in front of us. And it always ends too soon! I could go back tomorrow and be just as excited and thrilled to do it all again! With that all being said, here's a little tour through our Disney photos...
Lexi and Haillie riding the Caterpillar through watermelon and candy corns... and you actually smell the scents as you pass through them... yum!
Haillie and Mary Poppins (yeah, she wasn't my favorite, kinda snotty, but then she is Brittish, so...)
Trent, Tar, and Hai getting ready to ride Soarin' Over California, Haillie's favorite ride at California Adventures. It's a yummy smelly ride too.
Trent and Taryn on there way to Huck's Island. We play hide and seek on this island that could last all day long!
Cruella DeVille was DARLING with Haillie! She noticed Hai had cat prints on her shirt and said, "Oh, do you love animals... hmmm, so do I, now GET IN THIS COAT"
I love this picture of Taryn, she was so happy (not that she isn't normally) but what a perfect moment to snap a shot!
Just waiting in line for Nemo's Underwater Adventure - a ride I wouldn't miss! LOVED it!
TEA CUPS... I always need a minute after this ride.
Dumbo is always a favorite. It was Taryn's first ride at Disneyland and Dumbo definitely started her off right, she loved it!