Sunday, August 31, 2008


Congratulations Julie and Broc (along with Quin, Jakey, and Travy)... I know it's been a long, heartbreaking road, but finally you have YOUR baby. We love you, Tyler!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday BABY!

It is with mixed emotions that I post this entry. I have LOVED more than words can say, watching my baby grow and have laughed and cried more than ever before in my life as I watch her eat her first bowl of rice cereal, make funny faces to get everyone to laugh, fall and get hurt, watch a nurse put an IV in her baby hand, cuddle up to her big sister, try to sit in Jesse's water bowl, climb over corrals meant to contain her, and SO ON AND SO ON. She is one of my greatest blessings and joys and has brought so much depth to our family. I feel like having Taryn has made me a better mother to Haillie (the kind of mother she has needed) in the way that I no longer approaching mothering from a teacher's perspective but from a MOTHER'S (not that I beat myself up for it, most of the time, because I did the best I knew how to do and that's all I can ask of myself). I constantly have a quote in my head that "I am going to clean house less, and play house more" now that I can see first- hand how fast these little ones grow and become NOT-SO LITTLE (Haillie especially good gosh)! It breaks my heart a little to have a one-year old, yet at the same time I am filled with gratitude for her and am so excited for all the joys I get to experience with her in years to come.

Our darling little TROLL!
Some of the on-lookers... Denise, Julie, Duane, Mom and Daddy (Trent).
Taryn's first birthday cake... not too elaborate considering the destruction that would soon come to it.

Quincy, Jakey, and Travy wishing Taryn happy birthday!
Sweet Sisters!

Here comes the mess...
Wait for it...
There it is!

We love you Taryn! You have brought an unmeasurable amount of joy to our lives. You are truly loved! Happy First Birthday my baby!