Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Ten Wimmer Family Headlines!

2008 has been a GREAT year for us! We started many new traditions, one of which is writing, in our FAMILY JOURNAL, our favorite 10 family events . The person that thought of the event is in parenthesis. There have been so many wonderful occasions this past year. It's fun to be reminded of these good times and it makes us feel truly blessed and happy.
So here goes...
1. (Haillie) The Peanut Butter/Chicken Incident!
2. (Jen) Dad going to get Haillie and touring St. Louis!
3. (Trent & Haillie) Disneyland!!!!
4. (Jen) Taryn's First B-day!
5. (Trent) Haillie's going away 'HOBO' party!
6. (Jen) The Garden!
7. (Haillie) Staying Home for Christmas Eve & the mysterious 'Santa Call' that Hai and Nana heard Christmas Morning!
8. (Trent) Haillie's Baptism
9. Awesome Family Events - Uncle Jer married Amanda, Baby Ivy, Baby Kate, Baby Tyler, & Baby Jensen.
10. (Trent - not Jen - she really doesn't care as much as her husband thinks she does) TWILIGHT Movie!