Thursday, January 22, 2009

Workin' for the Man!

My sweetheart, and the girls' daddy is workin' some SERIOUS overtime to get the tax info out to ALL the company's employees - all over the world... well, I think that's what he's doing, maybe not, but it's something big, that takes a ton of time at work! So, to show our support, 'his girls' have made a list of why our MAIN MAN is so wonderful...

1. He shows (not just speaks of) his loyalty. Let me explain... whether it's work, or marriage, or parenting, or church callings, or working out, or eating healthy, Trent is loyal and dedicated to his decision.
2. He is a perfectionist... I know, who would have ever thought I would think of this as a good thing ...and I know that Trent is going to get a good laugh when he reads that I'm thankful for that trait... but I am coming to a real appreciation for it. It shows that he cares for what is his, or what his name is attached to.
3. He lives in the details of life... that is why we have 'Snow Melted Hot Chocolate' on our snowshoeing trips, that is why every employee will have the exact information they need for their taxes this year (on time) and that is why I wear a ring with mine and Taryn's birthstone in it. It's all because HE thinks of it.
4. He is a thinker! He is smarter than he knows!
5. He is wicked funny! He is so stinkin' witty. He has the most hillarious poems, jokes, and sayings; I love to be around him so that I can catch his sarcastic, teasing comments that have me in stiches (mostly because they are about me... and they are sooooo funny, yet pretty much true).
6. He is, after a long, strenuous, stressful, back-breaking day at work, still a GREAT daddy when he comes home. If I could show everyone what TRUE joy looks like, it would be watching Taryn and Haillie when they hear the garage door rattling open! Their screams, total delight, and giddiness only come because they know that when he comes through that door he won't ignore them, go right for the TV and veg for 2 hours, but he will hug and kiss them, pick them up in his (seriously muscular) arms, dance around the kitchen with them, read stories, cuddle, listen to their school day, finish homework, jokingly tease, tickle, and chase them until they are sweetly tucked into bed with many kisses and wishes for good dreams... then he comes out and gets back to work (refer back to loyalty to company, or perfectionism at this point :).

We could go on and on... we love him so much, and want him to know how proud we are that he is working so hard for our family!
We miss you, Trent, but LOVE you and will be waiting for you just inside the garage door!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Today we packed up the gear, loaded the girls in the car - along with Jesse (I should have got a picture of that) and headed for the mountains. Haillie and I got snowshoes for Christmas (Trent got his last year) and we needed to break them all in. After turning around only once to get something I forgot to pack, we got to the end of the plowed canyon road. It didn't take us long to get our 'shoes' on, which is nice for a family with NO attention span and a limited amount of patience. Taryn LOVES the backpack so she was totally willing to get in and we were off. Walking in the backwoods is so refreshing and peaceful (minus ALL the motors from snowmobiles). We hiked up the trail a ways, then stopped to play around, explore and heat some snow to make hot chocolate. It started to snow a bit as we were packing up to head home which made a beautiful backdrop for the forest. What a perfect day we've had as a family!

Sippin' some COCOA!

Taryn's favorite place in the snow... easier to eat!

A sweet moment caught on camera

Our little hikers

"Haillie's Rock"

Setting up the burners and collecting snow!