Friday, April 25, 2008

Caio Bella!

Ash... we miss you so much! Hope Italy is amazing! We are sad to live without our sister, aunt and best friend for 2 months, but know that it will be a life-changing experience (just don't come back with an Italian husband!)
Love you!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Spring Break... Nightmare

Haillie discovering Bryce Canyon!
She thought "it was awesome! I loved our Inn and the Old Bryce Town, too."
Funny story: we were stopped at a gas station to eat lunch and Haillie wanted to show me 'rattle snake eggs'. Trent wound up the contraption and gave it back to her trying to explain how to hold it. Haillie, not interested in listening at that point, grabbed the envelope and started walking over to me. Needless to say, she had moved the envelope and started the 'eggs' a-rattling... she screamed, jumped and threw the eggs across the store, sending Trent and myself into uncontrolled laughter, making Haillie even more upset. By the end of the stop, Trent couldn't resist buying the 'eggs'. Now it's a standing joke to find the 'eggs' in odd places around the house.
Ok, so it wasn't THAT bad... but bad enough that we honestly took a 1 day vacation! We started out on Friday morning, heading for Bryce Canyon. One of my goals for this summer is to show Haillie the beautiful state we live in. I love hiking, discovering and just being outside, and it's something Haillie likes also. I imagined our vacation to be all fun, no stress... well, isn't that WHY you go on vacation.... all fun, no stress? Ok, seriously, what was I thinking... We have a 9 month old wonderful, but demanding ball-of-energy!!!! Can you imagine something this cute could be a MONSTER in disguise?
So after a night of pretty much getting kicked out of the restaurant (thanks to Taryn), a 3 hour SCREAMING fit, and NO sleep for anyone, we packed up Saturday morning and headed home... everyone in a BAD mood.
When we were home, I was putting Taryn down for her nap with the USUAL routine, she giggled when I read her a story and she slept peacefully in her own bed. Lesson learned!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Introducing Jesse...

Our dog, or should I say our 'son' Jesse, is a one hundred and thirty pound teddy bear. He lives inside with us, and usually right at our feet. He is our 'bathroom buddy', our comforter when we just need a little love, and our built-in vacuum. Everyone knows that if the Wimmer's are coming... ALL the Wimmer's are coming (including Jesse). Our family wouldn't be complete without him. We LOVE him!

About this picture: Haillie actually took this picture for her entry in last year's Reflections contest. The theme was "My Favorite Place to be... is next to him". She thought of it all on her own. She won 3rd place overall.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here we go...

Well, we're off! I have been enjoying some friend's and family's blogs so much that I have decided to create one. It will be so valuable to keep a record of our daily activities, our highs and not-so-highs, but mostly our funny moments that make our family wonderful. I love being 'mommy' to these wonderful girls, and LOVE being wife to my AWESOME husband - I want to remember it, all of it! So, here we go...
Ash took these pictures when she came over for Sunday dinner. This is our High School Musical star, Haillie. She was just having fun posing for Ash and running around the back yard. Isn't she beautiful!?! She is an angel to me as my helper and such a wonderful BIG sister to Taryn.

This is a pretty typical face we see from Taryn... she is so happy. It's almost like her face can't contain her smile... she really does smile with her whole face. We love her so much!