Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lemonade Anyone???

A couple days ago Hai and Madi (my other daughter, seriously, she's here and Hai is there at her house that much) decided to 'do a business'. So they made the lemonade, got the cups, made the poster, set up the lawn chairs and umbrellas (which blew away in the 40 degree weather). At first business was a little slow... yet the lemonade was disappearing... wierd huh?!?
Then the nieghbor boys got wind of the .25 cent deal and gorged themselves - all the while paying for every refill, every straw, etc.
The girls came out a whopping $4.00 richer... pretty sweet!
My favorite part of this poster is where Hai wrote 'mmmm'. It says so much about her, I can't even explain.

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